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Sep 2, 2021


Rhenti Announces Partnership with Residential Rental Heavyweight Hazelview Alongside Latest $2.4 Million Seed Funding

May 19, 2021

Moolala: Money Made Simple with Bruce Sellery

Making It Easy For Both Renters and Property Owners

"We talk to the CEO of Rhenti, Tomas Ronis, about how their platform aims to help both property owners and renters find that perfect fit in an easy way."
Apr 27, 2021


The realities of renting

Monday columnist Bruce Sellery has some tips on how to find a good place to rent in an overheated housing market.
Mar 25, 2021

Bay Street Bull

Why Landlords (and Tenants) Need to Use Rhenti

"Rhenti is the toolbox for the long-term rental real estate industry. We build tools that connect and streamline the fragmented experience of renting, saving people a lot of time and removing stress from their lives."
Jan 25, 2021


Toronto tech startup aims to streamline the fragmented rental process for landlords and tenants

"In addition to an automated booking and end-to-end lease management systems, the software provides a real-time pricing tool that can inform landlords on how to adjust their rates according to local trends."
Dec 16, 2020

The Feed with Amber Mac & Michael B

#TheFeed: ESET; Rhenti; & Dyson

"Also, we talk to Tomas Ronis, the founder and CEO of real estate startup Rhenti, about their mission to make the rental leasing process fast, easy and transparent for both the renters and property owners."
Nov 24, 2020

Urban Toronto

New Technology Helping Landlords Navigate The New Reality

"Unlike paying for a real estate agent or having to spend significant time with the DIY approach, Rhenti utilizes software automation designed from the ground up to reduce costs, effort, and find perfect renters that check all of a landlord's boxes."