Profile Share

Create your renter profile.
Share your renter profile.

Benefits for renters


Save time

One centralized renter profile saves you time from filling out multiple forms for numerous people.


Be prepared

Get ahead of your rental search by proactively compiling your renter information. Share it with your real estate agent or with a prospective landlord.


Use anytime

Store your detailed renter profile in the cloud. Come back to update and reuse it whenever you need to, at no cost.

How does it work?

Sign-up and create your Rhenti account.

Build your renter profile and complete your full assessment.

Download and proactively send to your real estate agent or a prospective landlord to save time.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I use this feature?

Rhenti’s Profile Share was built for the proactive and organized renter. It helps people by keeping their entire renter profile and universal application at their finger tips, ready to share with their real estate agent or a prospective landlord.

Is there a cost to use this feature?

No. It’s absolutely free for renters.

How much information should I provide?

There are basic questions where the answers are required to use the feature, but many other fields are optional. It’s usually in the best interest of the renter to give landlords as much information as possible to increase your chances of getting the rental you want.

What file format does my renter profile and universal application come in?

The downloadable format type is PDF.

What does Rhenti do with my information?

We do not share your renter information with any third party entities. Your information is intended to only be accessed by you via your account, and the people that you share your profile and universal application with after you have downloaded the PDF.