Apply to any rental listing on the internet with one polished renter profile.

Creating and sending your centralized renter profile to landlords is fast, easy, and completely free with the Apply Anywhere feature.

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Apply Anywhere gives renters an edge

Free credit check

Rhenti shares your credit summary with prospective landlords - free of charge. Credit checks are powered by TransUnion and consented by you - the renter!

Save time

No need to spend time filling out multiple application forms. One centralized renter profile is all you need now.

Be prepared

Get ahead of your rental search process by creating your renter profile proactively. Jump on opportunities by sending your renter profile to the landlord during or right after a viewing.

A professional look

Rhenti organizes and presents your renter profile and assessment in a clear and coherent way to give you the best possible chance of standing out.

Your renter data is safe

Renter profile and assessment data stays with Rhenti and is only shared with the landlords that you intend to share with. Credit checks are encrypted.

How does it work?

Create your account on Rhenti to complete your renter profile and assessment.

Search anywhere on the internet for listings that catch your eye. Make sure to get the contact email and phone number for that listing.

All you need is the contact email and phone number to use the Apply Anywhere feature and send an offer.

Impress the property owner with your professional and polished renter profile

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What's in it for property owners?

All renter information in one safe place

Gone are the days of sorting and storing paper applications. Property owners can now access their renter’s information by simply logging into their Rhenti account.

Detailed renter profile

Property owners will have access to the standard renter assessment information in your profile and any additional information that you choose to provide.

Shorter time to lease

By sending the landlord your detailed Rhenti application on the spot, you can reduce the back-and-forth process of traditional applications and share all of your necessary renter details quickly.

Frequently asked questions

Can I only apply to listings on Rhenti with this feature?

Positively not!  This feature was designed for you to apply to any listing you see on the internet provided that you have the email address and phone number of the person who listed the unit. 🙂

Is there any cost to using this renter feature?

We are committed to building the best experience for renters because we know how tough it can be sometimes. This feature is absolutely free for renters. Go ahead - use it!

How does the free credit check work?

We only do a credit check with your consent. With your consent, a credit check will be triggered and processed through TransUnion. A credit summary will be sent to the person who's email address and phone number you provided.

What is a credit summary?

A credit summary is a short and high level version of your credit report. It includes: credit score, total monthly obligations, total payments past due, number of bankruptcies, last bankruptcy date, number of collections, and last collection date. It does not include any details beyond those pieces of information.

Can I have access to my credit report or credit summary?

Unfortunately not. Rhenti pulls this report on behalf of the property owner or landlord. We are not permitted to share any information on this report with anyone other than the property owner or landlord.

How much information do I need to provide in my renter profile and assessment?

How much do you want to land your new rental home? Snark aside, you want to provide as much as possible to give yourself the chance to stand out from other renter applicants. Think of this as your job resume, but instead... to get your dream rental home. That said, there are many form fields in the renter assessment that are 'optional' and you do not need to fill them out if you don't feel inclined to do so.

What does Rhenti do with my renter information?

We do not share your renter information with any third party entities. Your information is intended to only be accessed by you via your account, and the property owners that you share it with.  

What happens after I send my renter profile to a property owner?

Someone from the Rhenti team will follow-up with that property owner to make sure that they have received and accessed your profile. If you are someone who is more proactive, you could also follow-up with the property owner with the email address or phone number that you have for them.

What if the property owner didn't receive my profile?

You can hop into your Rhenti account, go into the Apply Anywhere section of your account, and hit 'RESEND' for that property owner.

What if I don't want a property owner to have my renter profile information anymore?

You can retract their access to your renter information. Hop into your Rhenti account, go into the Apply Anywhere section of your account, and hit 'RETRACT' for that property owner.

What happens if I don't get the rental unit that I applied to?

That would be very sad, but we can help you move on to find your next rental home. You can use your renter profile on Rhenti to keep applying to any listing that you find on the internet, provided that you have the email address and phone number of the listing contact.