Rhenti makes it faster and easier to get your next rental.

What is Rhenti?

Think of Rhenti as your toolbox for renting. Renters can use our digital rental tools to make renting faster, easier, and more transparent. Rhenti was built by renters, so we know how awful the rental process can be, we’re fixing that.

Applying to a Rhenti listing

What are the benefits to applying for a rental that is listed on Rhenti?

Validated listings

100% of our listings are paid. This means that we’ve had direct contact with the property owner, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent listings.

Detailed profiles

We make it easy to get your perfect rental by helping you stand out with a detailed renter profile.

Free credit check

When you apply to a Rhenti listing, we soft pull your credit summary, with no impact on your credit score.

Everything digital

No more paper. No more phone calls. Everything is digital and automated (except your in-person viewing). We make the process fast.

In the cloud

Your renter profile is securely stored with us in the cloud whenever you need it next.

Rent with roommates

Rhenti allows you to apply to listings with multiple people. Simply add them to your co-applicant group and we'll take it from there!

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