** Internet Listing Service (ILS) Marketing Add-on PROMO $50 OFF of your first month. For new customers only.

More renters.
Fast leases.
Less work.

Losing good renter leads can hurt the performance of your rental portfolio. Attract and sign more high-quality applicants with Rhenti's industry-leading software for leasing professionals.

Rhenti is trusted by industry leaders and innovators

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Rhenti's powerful and automated lead-to-lease software has helped thousands of landlords, property managers, agents, and leasing professionals across Canada streamline their leasing operations.

With a workload reduction of 4-6X, Rhenti makes the process of finding and signing the right renters fast and easier than any other way.

This is a great platform!

It was my first time renting out the basement unit at my house and not only did the platform help me post across every rental site, the service helped me find the right price point, create a solid listing, communicate and manage inquires/viewings and finalize things with my ultimate tenant. So much time and effort saved on my part - really glad I used the service.

Linda G

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We help you get more from your rental investment

Attract more renters

Leave no stone unturned with Rhenti's industry-leading social and ILS marketing automation to help you find the right renter.

Never lose a lead

Stay organized and prioritize your inquiries. Rhenti's CRM helps you to nurture and convert more qualified renter leads.

Eliminate tedious tasks

Each step is automated so you can spend your time building good rapport with your high quality applicants.

Reduce time to lease

Rhenti's digital automation eliminates lag time in between leasing steps to reduce vacancy.

Market your listing on all the top social channels and listing sites

Rhenti gets your listing noticed with professional grade marketing automation and is less expensive than doing it yourself.
Chat with our team to learn more.

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Lead-to-lease tools that level up leasing professionals and maximize leasing operations

Price Right

Rhenti helps you set the right price for your rental and guides you to update your listing price according to renter behaviours.

Marketing automation

Rhenti generates renter awareness by pushing your listing to all the top ILS and social sites in Canada. We even have an add-on for MLS + MLS affiliate sites.

Rhenti Chat

We track and action all of your renter conversations and viewing bookings in one simple centralized hub to help you stay organized.

Phone integration

Generate virtual numbers to track ILS, social, out-of-home, and website phone leads, and to route calls to the appropriate leasing team members.

CRM / Lead hub

Manage all of your renter leads and their details in one organized place.

Smart viewings

Automate bookings, manage all viewings in a one place, and leverage smart notifications to minimize ‘no-shows’.

Applications & screening

Receive comprehensive renter profiles and application information, including credit summaries and reference information, to help you make the right renter decision.

Digital leases

Rhenti provides you with the proper lease agreement in digital so that you and your renter can sign from where you are, on your laptop or phone.

Fast Deposits

Collect (or refund) rent deposits fast to secure applicants quickly and reduce effort.

Curious to know how it all fits together? Watch our explainer video to learn more.

Simple pricing to meet your needs

Rhenti Toolbox


per month / listing
Get started
Rhenti Toolbox is our foundation level service giving you access to Rhenti’s powerful tools, including:
  • List your rental on rhenti.com
  • Book and manage viewings with renters
  • Chat with renters in one central place
  • Review detailed renter applications, including credit summary and references.
  • Generate customizable digital lease agreements
  • Expand your Rhenti Toolbox capabilities with additional add-ons.
** For the month of April, get Rhenti Toolbox for free on your first listing. Use CODE: CREDITCHECK

Rhenti Enterprise

Chat with our team

Book a demo
For larger real estate companies that require comprehensive solutions for their rental properties. Reach out to our team to see how Rhenti will work for your portfolio.
  • Custom white-label solutions
  • Comprehensive renter CRM
  • Tailored marketing emails
  • Priority support

Customize your Rhenti Toolbox with these additional add-on services

marketing add-on

Internet Listing Services (ILS)

From $186

per month / listing
Be where the renters are doing most of their searches
  • With the click of a button, push your listing to top Internet Listing Service channels such as Kijiji, Apartments.com, and many more.
  • All listings are published as paid and prioritized advertisements.
PROMO: $50 OFF of your first month
**For new customers only. Chat with us for more details.
Marketing add-on

Social channels


per month / listing
Leverage the power of an engaged audience on social media
  • Get exposure for your listing on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • All listings are published as paid and prioritized advertisements.
Marketing add-on

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)


per month / listing
Publish your listing across the MLS network for an even greater reach
  • List on MLS and its partner sites, such as realtor.ca, by leveraging our premier partner brokerage.
  • This add-on is recommended for listings in major metro areas where the list price is over $3,500 monthly.
Service add-on



per transaction
Accept security deposits with ease.
  • Collect (or refund) rent deposits fast to secure applicants quickly and reduce effort.
Visual add-on

Virtual Tour


per listing
Make your listing stand out with a realistic walk-through experience!
  • Professionally drafted floor plans
  • Property details including measurements
  • We will provide you with all links to include in your listing.
  • Bonus: Professional photos

Unlock the potential of your leasing operations

Let Rhenti help you reduce your vacancy rates with the right renters - faster and easier than any other way.

We see it all of the time...

"I don't know how to price my listing."
"I'm not getting enough quality applicants."
"I'm losing leads because I'm so overwhelmed that I can't respond to them all."
"I'm losing leads because my process takes too long."
"I don't know which listing sites to list my properties on."
"My vacancy rate is high and it's hurting my business."

Why wait when Rhenti could help you with all of this? Join the thousands of leasing professionals across Canada who have trusted Rhenti to help them to level up their leasing. Reach out to our team to learn more.