Streamline your marketing and leasing into one powerful platform.

Built for mid-size residential rental owners, owner-operators, and property managers across North America.
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Save time and increase efficiency to boost operational performance
Empower your leasing team with a better employee experience
Lower your organization’s costs
Consolidate your leasing tools into one centralized platform.
Achieve leasing targets faster with integrated technology.
Get better marketing syndication rates leveraging Rhenti’s volume discounts.

Maximize Exposure Effortlessly with Rhenti’s Marketing automation

Rhenti seamlessly syndicates your listings across 10+ ILS channels, including, Zillow, Kijiji, and more.

We can also showcase your listings across popular social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google.

Our automation takes the hard work out of reaching potential renters on these platforms, ensuring your listings get the attention they deserve.

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Rhenti provides tangible benefit for your department.


ROI for your marketing and leasing departments when you consolidate your marketing and leasing software stack and automate your team’s manual tasks.


Transparency into all marketing and leasing activities so you and your team can identify areas of opportunity.

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Traditional leasing workflows are burdensome and involve many separate tools...

Building and updating marketing listings ads on various different ILS channels
Meeting the renters in-person to get them to manually fill out a paper application
Manually coordinating and booking renter viewings/tours
Meeting the renters (again!) for both parties to manually sign the paper lease agreement
Switching between email, SMS, and phone call history to manage a lead inquiries and conversation threads
Waiting for the renter to make their deposit before confirming the tenancy agreement
Streamline operations with a powerful all-in-one lead-to-lease platform

Rhenti is a powerful leasing platform for mid-size residential rental owners, operators, and property managers who want to centralize and level-up their marketing and leasing operations.

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Free your department from their outdated workflows. Level-up your operations with Rhenti’s powerful marketing and leasing capabilities.

Leasing focused CRM

Organize your multi-channel leads in one place and visualize action items so top prospects never fall through the cracks.

Multichannel lead capture

Rhenti is the first lead-to-lease software that helps you capture valuable data from various channels, including renter walk-in inquiries, giving you a complete overview of all of your leads. 

Digital applications

Rhenti applications are digital and renters’ preferred way to apply. Rhenti asks for and shares all of the critical information your team needs to make informed leasing decisions. All applications include reference information and credit reports, powered byTransUnion.

Book a tour with calendar sync

Remove the back-and-forth it takes to coordinate renter showings. Booking a viewing is simple for renters, while confirming, declining, or rescheduling is equally as simple. Most importantly, reminders are auto-sent leading up to the showing to reduce no-shows.

Rhenti also has the ability to directly integrate with your team's Office 365 calendar to make it even easier to manage your time.

Chat hub

Never lose a lead! Rhenti’s powerful chat hub pulls all renter inquiries into one centralized hub and chat filters help your team efficiently manage conversations so that renters never fall through the cracks.

Phone integration

Take your leasing operations to the next level by capturing your phone inquiries. Rhenti’s phone integration pulls your phone leads into a centralized CRM creating a more robust view of your lead data.

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Enterprise level flexibility

Integrations with Yardi and Buildium

We know that long-standing property management software, like Yardi and Buildium (Entrata coming soon), are already well engrained into your operations. Our third-party integrations will help you adopt Rhenti and incorporate an additional layer of leasing excellence to your department.


Rhenti empowers your organization to create a unified leasing experience. Widgets help your team capture renter leads that visit your pre-existing homepage and pull them into Rhenti’s CRM, so they can be nurtured like any other Rhenti-generated lead.

Roles and Permissions

Rhenti was designed to support leasing operations that span coast to coast. With Rhenti’s roles and permissions, you can ensure that specific team members are assigned to specific listing addresses and only the capabilities that are associated to their unique roles in your organization.

Custom enterprise solutions

Rhenti's customized enterprise solution empowers organizations with larger or more unique operations to depart from the standard Rhenti platform experience. This tailored solution is designed to accommodate complex workflows and meet specific organizational needs.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Rhenti aligns with your organization’s security and compliance needs with single sign on capabilities. Team members can sign in using a single set of credentials and your IT department can delete exited employees from all applications in one go.

Rhenti is trusted by industry leaders and innovators across North America.

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