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Rhenti’s Apply Anywhere feature saves you time and effort. Use your renter profile to apply to any listings on Rhenti or on any website for free.

Simple. One application is all it takes.

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Free credit report

Pull your secure credit report on Rhenti and attach it to your renter profile at no cost.

Validated listings

The Rhenti team verifies each listing by developing direct conversational relationships with each property owner and landlord.

Simple and fast applications

Rhenti’s Apply Anywhere feature saves you time and effort. Use your renter profile to apply to any (and many) listings on Rhenti or on external sites.

Stay informed

Rhenti helps you understand the status of your application, the number of competing applications, the details of your viewing, and opens easy dialogue with you and the property owner.

Our virtual tours make rental viewings quick, easy, and safe.

Experience the inside of a rental space from the comfort of your own home. With detailed floor plans and 360 degree images, Rhenti virtual tours gives you the confidence you need to make a more informed decision to rent.

Look for listings with the virtual tour labels.

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"Typically finding a new place to rent is really bad, but Rhenti made the process quick and it didn't involve any paper. It was all online! I also felt like I had visibility into every part of the process, and that made me feel better about everything."


"I was a bit skeptical of the online application process but I have to admit that everyone at Rhenti was very quick in responding to my inquiries and to reach out for any additional documents. Needless to say the service was excellent and I will definitely recommend to anyone."

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